Saturday, 30 April 2016

U is for Update

U is for Update, and today I set out to update my email signatures. This is a process that's always fraught with stress for me, because I can never remember from one time to the next how to do it, but it's necessitated today - because U, and also because for six months it's been telling people to preorder a book that's been already published.

First up is to decide what I want to put in it. I decide to focus on my fantasy stories. I manage to make a fair sig with my cover images using the Kboards signature tool, which is the one thing that justifies my continued membership in that community of bullies. This is the new sig I make:

Tabitha Ormiston-Smith | Find me at Amazon

What I love about this Kboards tool is that each cover image has an embedded link to the book's Amazon page. It's awesome, and I totally admire whoever developed it. 

For once, I manage to apply the sig to my webmail as well. That's it for me and the letter U - I've done my bit, and it's Saturday, and I have lots of other things to do. 

My next post will be brought to you by the letter V.

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