Friday, 15 April 2016

H is for Housework

Today is one of those annoying days when all kinds of stuff is added into my schedule. I have to take Emily for a bath, I have to call at the library, I have to do shopping. It's twelve thirty before this is all taken care of and I can actually settle down at my desk, and it's almost two by the time I've got my daily wordcount for Camp NaNo, but I make it my first priority, because the weekend is going to be taken up with dog shows and it's quite possible I may get nothing else done at all.

Today is Housework, so once again I'll be interweaving periods of that with periods of writing. I have two lists of tasks to be done; one is the daily things that I, in theory at least, do every day, and the other is of things I try to do every Saturday. Although it's only Friday, I'm not sanguine about getting it done tomorrow. It's the first show we've been to for six months, and I know I will be exhausted after it, so that even if it finishes early, by the time we get home I will probably just collapse into bed.

The daily list comes first. It's not arduous; just the kitchen counters and the lavs and basins. I've already done the main bathroom so it's just the back lav, and then I spray room spray all over the house, because of the dogs. It only takes me ten minutes to whiz through this. Once again I marvel at how, even though no one has made toast for days, there are crumbs beneath the toaster. It is one of the dark mysteries of life.

A second session brings me up to a respectable 1200 words, and then it is time to tackle the Saturday job - a more thorough cleaning of the bathroom. It doesn't take long, and it's still not three when I return for the third session of writing. I've done all the housework I needed to do, except for making tonight's meatloaf, and in theory I could now knock off, but the more I get done today the less bad I'll feel if (when) I don't manage to write anything over the weekend. At 1400 words, though, I do call a halt.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter I, unless it has to be put off until Monday.

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