Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tabitha's Excellent Working Adventure - the Alphabet Challenge.

We all have them. Huge, unwieldy lists of things to do - one day. Many tasks that we have started and left unfinished. Things we mean to do 'when I get the time'. There's a rich field for mining, and so we don't do any of it and then we complain that we're bored, unproductive, and so on.

My friend Steve just finished a 26 day Alphabet Challenge where each day he could only eat and drink things that started with the designated letter of the day. Poor Steve suffered bravely in his pursuit of culinary adventure. I admire that man.

And so, my own Alphabet Challenge is born. Of course I shan't be doing it with food - for one thing, it wouldn't be fair to my husband. He works hard all day and deserves a decent meal when he comes home, not a plate of unadorned Quinoa. For another thing, it would be copying, and that's not what I'm about.

My challenge will be taken from my list of unfinished and unstarted Things To Do. Every day, I will be working on something from that list that goes under the Letter of the Day. I will be starting tomorrow, with the letter A.

Of course I welcome suggestions from my readers. I have a feeling it's going to get tough around about Q. You can comment on this blog, or use this link - CONTACT FORM, or just find me on FACEBOOK. Whatever, dude. Maybe when I get to Q I'll take random questions from the community.

Stay with me for this exciting journey! I don't think you will be bored.

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