Saturday, 16 April 2016

I is for International Rescue

Most of today was taken up with the Bulla Amenities Oak Show, so I don't start work till around four p.m. My expectations for the working day are low, particularly as it's Saturday anyway, but with Camp Nano, it all goes so much better if you don't skip days. I manage a couple of hundred words, just to keep from falling backwards.

Here is Emily at the show. Isn't she divine?
In order to keep in the alphabet work challenge theme, today's breakout activity is watching television. Thunderbirds, to be precise. The saga of International Rescue.

A Thunderbird
I suppose it's a bit sad of me, but really this show is an absolute classic, and what the technology lacks of today's standards is more than made up for by the ingenuity of the puppets and their operators. It's first class of its kind, and although some of the lines are a little cheesy, one has to remember it was a show for children. Back in the 60s, they didn't dumb things down for children as much as they do today, so these are one hour episodes with really exciting plots, all revolving around people being in danger of horrible death, whether by natural accidents or by the machinations of evil masterminds. 

Why is this television show, which has nothing to do with anything, on my To Do list, you may ask. Well, that's because I've had the DVDs for years and never got around to watching them. So it's more of the bucket part of the list than the work part of it.

After an episode of Thunderbirds, I do much better and the work starts moving again. Watching television really seems to energise the creative part of my brain. This whole alphabet thing has been worthwhile just for this discovery. I finish the day with 750 words done, and I'm satisfied with that. 

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter J, unless the dog show goes on too long.

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