Wednesday, 13 April 2016

F is for Fiona

The grass is always greener on the other side, it's said, and no doubt that's why I'm always starting something new and leaving things unfinished. Today, I think about Fiona. Fiona MacDougall, that is, protagonist of my two published novels, Dance of Chaos and Gift of Continence. 

The Fiona MacDougall series is to be a three-book series. I started writing the third book late in 2014, and it remains unfinished. There is not that much remaining; just the final chapters, really. I estimate the book is around 80% complete. And yet, those final chapters remain unfinished. It irritates me every time I think about it. 

Part of it is, I suspect, because deep down, I'm rather sick of Fiona. I've written two books about her and moved on to other things. But the series remains unfinished, and I want closure for it. Fiona needs to be laid to rest. Not in the grave, of course, but settled.

Today, what with it being F day in my challenge, I am greatly tempted to leave Operation Camilla and pick it up. I resist the temptation, though. I committed myself to write Operation Camilla this month, and I signed up for Camp NaNo on that basis, and I am by Trollope going to finish it. Once I have a draft completed, it will be set aside to rot down, and I can then continue with Where The Heart Is, the final book of Fiona MacDougall.

On this basis, I justify working on Operation Camilla as an 'F' activity.

As I have to go into the city for a meeting and lunch, I don't get much done today. 800 words and a bit of housework. The only goal I've really met is the daily wordcount for Camp NaNo.

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