Saturday, 9 April 2016

B is for Books, and Berti's Brilliant Brainchild

Last night, after I finished writing my 'A' post, my husband unkindly suggested that 'B' could be for binge-watching. That isn't going to happen, not on my watch. This is a work challenge, not a mere blogging challenge. 

First of all, a little treat for you, my reader. Today is about books, and it is my great pleasure to introduce to you the Fucked Up Fairy Tales series of books. You can click on the link below each cover to purchase the book.

Fucked Up Fairy Tales is a series of books, consisting of three stories each, that will be released throughout the year 2016 in both print and Kindle form. Berti Walker and Alex S. Johnson created the series as a sequel to their Fucked Up Shit "mixtape" anthology; they take place in the fantastic world of Euphoria, a land presided over by a necrophiliac king, his nymphomaniac daughter the Princess Cherrypop, and involving a cast of characters such as punk rock fairy Sloggy Nutwank and Twizzlewick the Wizard. 


Fucked Up Fairy Tales delve into the twisted roots of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson, where brutality, gore, sadism, incest and other taboo material are plentifully found. The monthly books feature stories by Berti, Alex and one special guest. The acclaimed filmmaker/cartoonist Bill Plympton called them "witty and crazy," and for those with tough stomachs and a taste for dark humor, the Fucked Up Fairy Tales may be just the entertainment they're looking for.

Read my review of Volume 1 HERE.

And now, to work.

Today's work, as I have said, is about books. Specifically, the one I am working on, Operation Camilla, and the other one I vaguely hope to finish soon, Where The Heart Is. Operation Camilla is the second book in a series started with Operation Tomcat. Here are the two covers:

Operation Tomcat, by the way, is available from Amazon or Smashwords.

So, today I'll be working on Operation Camilla, and as we see from yesterday's adventure with the letter A, I get more done if I break it up and write in short bursts interspersed with other activities. Ideally, I'd like to switch between the two books, but as I've found in the past, it just doesn't work when I hop back and forth between two things that I'm writing. I have another television show I've been meaning to watch - Two Broke Girls. B for Broke, get it? Okay, it's a stretch. But the main activity today is the book.

Before nine o'clock I already have the minimum daily wordcount I need to win at Camp NaNo. It's too early for television. A short break to do daily housework, and back to the book, and that brings me to 900 words before I stop for breakfast. Today is Saturday, and that means a short day once time is taken out for dance classes and shopping. Nevertheless, I have managed to produce 1200 words by the time I stop for my first television break at 1445.

Unfortunately, the first episode of Two Broke Girls, which I was expecting to be a ho-hum piece of chicklit, turns out to be a spooky mystery in the tradition of Desperate Housewives. The temptation to stay in front of the television and binge-watch the entire disk is extreme, almost physical. However, I manage to fight it off and resume work. I'm afraid I'll have trouble settling down to work after that exciting show, and half decide to do housework on my next break instead, but once again the television seems to have worked its magic and I am now sitting on a comfortable 2100 words, and it's not five o'clock yet.

The second episode is even more exciting, but seems to be from a completely different show. I cannot fathom how these two episodes could be related. Still, I did enjoy it. One more session of work before I call it a day.

Before I resume work I google the names of the episodes I have seen, and find they are in fact the pilot episodes of two different series. What I have on this disk is the pilot episodes of five different series. Now I feel extremely stupid, not least because neither of the ones I watched was actually of Two Broke Girls and therefore they did not have any connexion with the letter B.

I finish work for the day at 1830, with 2400 words written. Tomorrow's post will be brought to you by the letter C.

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