Wednesday, 27 April 2016

R is for Ring

For today's alphabetical episode, I will be watching the Ring Cycle on dvds, starting with Die Valkure since I already watched Das Rheingold the week before last. They are long operas, so I don't anticipate being able to watch more than one, as work still has to be done and Emily must have her walk.

I start my day with Operation Camilla. The pressure is in theory off with this, as I met my Camp NaNo goal days ago, but I am still hopeful of getting the first draft finished by the end of April, so I press on. I'm writing the ending now, which is always more difficult for me. I suck at endings, really. By the time I get to the end of anything I tend to be sick of it and want to wrap it up quickly. I've often been called out on this by my friend Pedro, with some justification, so I am making a tremendous effort with Operation Camilla not to rush the conclusion. By 10:54 I have 1100 words, and feel I've earned my television.

The opera is magnificent. What else can be said? Nothing meaningful. I spend four hours of bliss. Emily seems to enjoy it too, and Louis also watches it with me until the Valkyrie appear; their hunting cry appears to frighten him and he rushes off to his private place in the garden. Ferret doesn't bother to get out of bed, so he is a philistine and the entire performance would have been wasted on him.

After I've taken Emily out and got ready for my evening classes, I still have an hour and a half before I need to leave. There is no hope of watching Siegfried today, as it is another four hours, so I decide to try for a bit more work. The force is with me, and I can write THE END to the first draft of Operation Camilla. I'd call that a successful day.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter S.

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