Tuesday, 19 April 2016

L is for Library

L is for library, and as soon as I've put in a decent stint on Operation Camilla I go to the local library's website to check the status of Dance of Chaos. I noticed on 1 April that they had three copies of Dance of Chaos on order, and that someone had already reserved it, so I keep checking back to see if it has come in yet. Today, however, is not my day; it is still on order. There is no way to see when they ordered it, so I don't know how long this has been the case, but since they have ordered the paperback, I'm ever hopeful. The paperbacks arrive from Createspace much more quickly than the hardcovers come from Lulu.

With 1000 words already down for the day, I resume work. It's going well; in fact everything seems to be going super-well for me at the moment, so I'm keen to take advantage of my biorhythms or whatever is causing my path to run so smoothly at present. 

The I'iwi bird of Hawaii

1200 words seems a good place to take a break, and I turn to my second alphabet-themed activity for the day. This will be Life on Earth, with which I started the challenge. The program, The Margins Of The Land, is not so good as others I have seen, being mostly concerned with utterly repulsive creatures feeding on other utterly repulsive creatures, but as always, I am swept up in Attenborough's flaming enthusiasm, and after only another 100 words I am back for another dose. This episode, 'Worlds Apart', promises a variety of bird life, and also Komodo Dragons, and it doesn't disappoint.

It's the following episode, though, that really has me transfixed: The Open Ocean. The strange country at the bottom of the sea bed, the weird and beautiful plankton, and the sharks, so beautiful and silent. But most beautiful of all, the Leafy Sea Dragon, pictured here.

The final program in the series, New Worlds, ends on a chilling and minatory note that leaves me depressed, despite the entertaining, productive and educational day I've just spent.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter M.

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