Thursday, 21 April 2016

N is for Novella

Today's task is of course to continue with Operation Camilla, my crime novella. I have already won Camp NaNo, so the pressure is off, but I am still hopeful of completing a first draft by the end of this month. I start well and early, finishing another chapter and getting 800 words.

N is also for NaNo!
N is also for Newsletter, so my second task of the day is to get started on the quarterly church newsletter I edit. First of all is to construct a list of everything I have and everything I still need to get in from contributors. Two articles are still outstanding so I send messages to the culprits and take Emily out for her park walk. When I return, one has replied promising to start it right away. The other is in Wales, so is probably still sleeping.

A fresh cup of coffee and back to the book. This time I get up to 1100 words. Then it's break time, and some television. I can't find anything that's letter-of-the-day related, so today I opt for Thunderbirds. While I am watching it contact is established with my friend in Wales, so I can reasonably expect I'll have the last piece of my editorial puzzle tomorrow.

My third and final attack on the book brings me to 1500 words, a satisfactory count for the day, and I leave it there.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter O.

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