Sunday, 10 April 2016

C is for Camilla

Today's post is about Camilla - Operation Camilla, my new book, that is. As on the other days, I will be working in short bursts alternating with another activity related to the Letter of the Day.

Today is Sunday, so it's rather obviously C for Church. That will actually take most of the morning. I have a lecture to go to this afternoon, too, so the day is rather full, but I'm going to try to get at least something written before I go.

Apart from Church, my breakout activity today will be Cleaning. Each time I take a break, I will be doing housework. What a fun day I'm going to have!

It's just after seven a.m. when I start, and just before eight when I break for the first time with my Camp NaNo daily wordcount safely achieved. I don't take long for this break, because the time I have before I need to get ready for church is limited. Just five minutes - kitchen counters, toilets and basins. What I do every day.

I take my second break at eight-thirty, with just over 1000 words. This is a more substantial one, and by the time I get the first load of washing on, it's coming up to nine, so I decide to get ready for church before continuing work. After that, I have only half an hour before I must leave, and I waste it messing about on Facebook. Tant pis.

Emily in church
By the time I get back from church and have lunch, I'm feeling quite tired. I put on a second load of washing, but that's it. Ferret has not been feeling well today, so I go to lie down with him to comfort him and recruit my strength for the afternoon outing. When I wake up, it is time to go to the lecture.


It's a quarter to six when I finally finish the last task of the Sunday list, and I'm just too tired to do anything except pour a glass of wine and collapse into a chair. I still have only 1000 words. I'm tempted to conclude from this that housework is less effective as a breakout activity than television, but there have been so many, and such large, bites taken out of my day that it really wasn't a fair test.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the letter D.

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