Saturday, 2 April 2016

Book review - Phenomenal Dad, by Cruz Santana

Clear-cut, detailed, commonsensical instructions for bettering one's parenthood game. Despite the title, there's something in this for every father, every mother, every aunt or uncle, even.

The book is well laid out and organised into sensible sections, with practical activities given at the end of each section. I particularly like that; not only were there some very useful things suggested, but the very structure of it seems designed to prevent the way that so many people will race through self-help books, skim-reading and not really gaining anything. The activities slow the reader down and cause him to think about what he has just read.

A terrific resource for any parent or guardian, not just the single or non-custodial father.

A coming-of-age story about a young girl who has had to shoulder the burden of caring for her family.

Callie Jones and her dad are devastated when the bank threatens to foreclose on their home. But help comes from an unexpected quarter, and Callie learns that actions have consequences, and sometimes the price you pay can be too high....


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