Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Book review - Unglued, by Zig Davidson

Unglued is one of the  most original mysteries I have ever read. Smooth narrative sets off a weirdly fractured world, in which one isn't even sure which of the possible crimes have been committed, let alone which of the possible perpetrators is guilty.

I cannot say too much about the story, lest I spoil for other readers what was an experience of such wonder and delight for me, but I will say that this is a truly brilliant debut novel from a tremendously gifted new writer.

The book is impeccably presented and the writing beautifully polished although not overly ornate, giving the reader a transparency that allows full immersion in the wonderful story. It is a very, very rare thing for me to say, but I'd be proud to have written this book myself.

Unglued is available from AMAZON.

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