Thursday, 22 October 2015

Book review - Government Men, by Gary J Davies

As I started reading Government Men, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The opening was that good. Davies portrayed the geeky scientist so beautifully, with such empathy and wry humour, that one knew he was writing from extensive personal experience. For those first few chapters, I dared to hope that I had discovered another Leaky Establishment.

Sadly, however, the book did not live up to its initial promise, degenerating into a chaotic and unstructured saga of hostile aliens, unicorns, Quetzalcoatl and Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all, which failed to engage me, partly because it was much too long, partly because it was unstructured, and partly because it just isn't that good.

I was so very sad at this. Davies clearly has enormous talent, and if he would just play to his strengths and write about the things he knows well, I really believe he could be another David Langford.

Government Men is available from SMASHWORDS, and as at 15 October, is free.

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