Friday, 23 October 2015

Book review - There Goes The Neighborhood, by Gary J Davies

Every one of these stories knocked me for six. I'd read several things by this author before, and frankly wasn't expecting much - but OMG, he kept all the good stuff for this collection, which seems to be the earliest of his published work.

The breadth and scope of imagination in these stories harks back to the good old days when Science Fiction was in its heyday and the writers of it were not tracking a beaten path but boldly going where no man had gone before.

Given the fine, fine quality of these stories, I thought it a pity the author had not troubled to present them more professionally; a little proofreading would have gone a long way, and then I could have given the book the five stars it would have deserved were it not for such gems as 'protege' instead of 'prodigy', and 'lay' used intransitively. From his biographical material one collects the author is tertiary educated, so there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of nonsense. A great shame to see such truly fine work so poorly presented.

There Goes the Neighborhood is available from SMASHWORDS, and is free at the time of writing.

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