Monday, 26 October 2015

Book review: Secrets of Goth Mountain, by Gary J Davies

The book opens strongly, with one of the geek characters that Davies does so well. Sadly, however, it soon degenerates into a long fantasy tale of unicorns, werewolves, ancient evil stirring, blah blah blah. Even the strong opening character is allowed to devolve into a cardboard cut-out hero. This author is capable of so much better work, as can be seen from his collected short fiction, There Goes The Neighbourhood.

The writing is sloppy and the whole book cries out for stern editing. Better character development and a tightening of the plot, which would reduce the rambling length of the book, and even a good dose of proofreading would result in a far, far better product. The book teems with cringe-worthy homophone errors and intransitive 'lay', which are annoying enough when the writer is semi-literate, but inexcusable in a writer who is capable of good work.

Secrets of Goth Mountain is available from SMASHWORDS, and is free at the time of writing.

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