Saturday, 31 October 2015

Book review: Naked News for Indie Authors: How to Get on TV, by Gisela Hausmann.

I am not, and have never been, remotely desirous of appearing on the television. Nevertheless, I read this book thinking that some of the techniques described might be adaptable to pitching for other things, and so, in fact, it turned out to be.

Hausmann is down to earth and there is never any waffle in her books, which is so refreshing compared to the usual offering of this kind of work, which is generally known for having a huge amount of puffery before you get to the actual content. So although this book is very short, the entire thing is payload.

Useful techniques presented with a minimum of packaging - a worthwhile addition to the toolbox, and probably invaluable for anyone who actually does want to be on the television. 

How to Get on TV is available from AMAZON  in both ebook and paperback editions.  

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