Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Book review - The Witches' Journal, by Patti Roberts

For sheer fun I don't know when I've seen the like of this remarkable little book. It's a wonderful mixed bag of recipes, bath recipes, Celtic tree astrology, poetry and reference sections with the properties of herbs, colours, and stones. You could dip into it at random like a lucky dip, or perhaps concentrate on a section of interest. A bonus item included is a copy of Witchwood Estate - Going Home, the first book in the well-known Witchwood Estate series by this author.

The recipe section contains some very intriguing recipes, two of which were contributed by me and are delicious and super-easy, but the others all also look to be delicious and super-easy. The poetry section contains several poems by Barry Peabody, a poet in the style of Kipling of whose work I am fond. The sections giving the magical properties of stones, colours, herbs et alia could be used as a handy pocket reference by Wiccans and other spell-working New Age people - they are not encyclopaedic, but are solid, with all of the major items covered.

Well worth downloading, and I plan to add it to my Reference section just for the recipes.

The Witches' Journal is available free at SMASHWORDS

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