Sunday, 6 March 2016

Book review - Darkly Dreaming, by Chloe Hammond

I'm not fond of vampire fiction, partly because I still see vampires as undead monster who need staking, but mostly because so much is now being written by independent authors that is cloned; same old forbidden love, same old superpowers, yada yada. But in Darkly Dreaming I found a fresh and original treatment of the old theme, with vampires that were an essential element of the plot, rather than a marketing tool.

The book opens well and strongly, and the opening chapters are a fine example of down-to-earth English chicklit; pungent, gritty characters and the irreverence that we see in English fiction and sadly, too seldom in American. I was drawn in by this to the extent that when the vampires made their appearance I was completely taken by surprise.

From that point, the book races along, with real problems, real for their essential humanness and a sympathetic treatment of the problems of those who are different. Hammond's vampires are every secretive, marginalised group in society. I found it utterly captivating. With all its social reality, though, the book is never heavy. Touches of humour keep it buoyant throughout. I did find the ending a little too 'happy-ever-after', but it certainly was neat, in the way that a Gilbert and Sullivan opera is neat; every loose end tied off, the good rewarded and the wicked punished. I'd certainly look for more from this writer.

Darkly Dreaming is available from AMAZON in paperback and Kindle editions.

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  1. Don't worry, that was only the end of book 1- there's much more heart ache coming in book 2 & 3.