Monday, 21 March 2016

Book review - Summer Lovin', by Jacquie Biggar

With all of the 'boy meets girl' romances out there, it is refreshing to find one that deals with the renaissance of a troubled marriage. And I always love what I call the 'braid' concept in romance series - where the main characters in one book become supporting characters in another, and the community as a whole persists throughout the series. It's often been done but it always works, I think.

This book is well written and the story is well told and captivating. I particularly loved the writer's use of the narrative voice when the point-of-view character was the bad guy. It was very well done indeed, and added depth and spice to the book.

There are a few flaws that, I felt, detracted slightly from the overall quality. Although I love the braid concept, I did think there was too much information about non-story characters forced on the reader, particularly at the beginning. The relevance of Jack, Tina etc would have been better dribbled out gradually. There were also a couple of continuity errors - one minor, but one major - that halted the flow of the read. Mainly, though, I'd have liked to see more space given to the development of Rebecca's feelings for her husband - her change of heart came about, I felt, too abruptly to work well, and I thought it should have started earlier and progressed more slowly.

All around though, an enjoyable read.

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  1. Thanks Tabitha, appreciate the great review!