Saturday, 12 March 2016

Book review - The Trouble With Werewolves, by M.B. Mulhall

A nice, fast-paced story, with sympathetic characters and good resolution. I particularly liked the sleazy, heart-of-gold demon and the vampire longing for the beach and sipping his blood through a straw with a little paper umbrella. There were little touches like this throughout, that lifted the story above the ordinary, and I do think this writer has real talent.

That said, the quality wasn't what I like to see in a published work. Rigorous editing ought to have firmed up the writer's shaky grasp of tense, and corrected a number of misspellings, and things like 'should of' and 'lay' used intransitively. The work is well worth the effort to give it the polish for which it cries out. 

The Trouble With Werewolves is available from AMAZON.

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