Saturday, 5 March 2016

Book review - Fucked Up Fairy Tales Volume 1, edited by Berti Walker

In this Rabelaisian romp of raunchiness, Ms Walker and her confederates Johnson and Rocksteady bring us a veritable feast of inappropriateness. These stories are definitely not to be your contribution to Kiddies' Reading Hour at your local library (not unless you want to be taken away in handcuffs).

The Editor's interesting introduction explains the intellectual basis for this book, and I must say it is one with which I cannot find fault. I was reminded of a story my own mother used to tell, in which the Wolf passed a night of consensual passion with Red Riding Hood, only tearing out her throat at the advent of the Woodcutter, when Red found it politically advisable to scream 'rape'. She claimed it was the original folk tale before the brothers Grimm cleaned it up, and who am I to say otherwise? These stories are like that.

A thoroughgoing hoot.

Fucked  Up Fairy Tales Volume 1 and 2 are available from AMAZON in Kindle and paperback editions. 

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