Monday, 28 December 2015

Short story review - The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Princess, by Bruce Lansky

Squarely in the tradition of children's 'morality' tales, this story reminds us that when we get our wish, sometimes it is not what we expected.

There seems to me to be a mismatch between the age of the protagonist and that of the intended audience. This kind of 'morality' story is generally written for young children, under 8 or so; by the time a child has reached her teens she is more sophisticated and requires more sugar coating on the morality pill. Yet the protagonist here is a teenager, and the tone of the writing, matching the content, reads as if it's intended for quite young children.

Nicely done, but lacks the spark that would give it appeal to adults as well as children.

This story can be downloaded free on AMAZON.

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