Saturday, 19 December 2015

Book review - Rhyming Words are for Everyone? by Barry Peabody

Treading in the hallowed footsteps of Mr Kipling comes Barry Peabody, with verses replete with warmth, wry wit and social commentary.

From the chilling warning of The Man Who Drinks Alone to the saucy humour of Selling Oneself and Just Before the Dawn (my personal favourite) we ride a roller coaster of laughter and sobriety. Of particular note to me were the capable way in which the rhythm made dear to us by Mr Kipling is wielded by this poet, exemplified in Song of the Sword, and the rich visual imagery his lines call forth, most particularly in the wonderful river song, Alpha and Omega.

In many of the poems, the poet's passionate love for his wife beats so strongly. Mrs Peabody is a lucky woman, I think. And Meeting A Friend had me crying real tears, as I am sure will be the case with anyone who's lost a dog.

All in all, a wonderful collection, which will appeal greatly to any admirer of Kipling. 

Rhyming Words Are For Everyone? is available from AMAZON and SMASHWORDS.

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