Friday, 25 December 2015

Book review: Love Handles, by Gretchen Galway

A combination of traditional boy-meets-girl love story and corporate mystery, Love Handles is a good, solid read with plenty of character interest. A convoluted set of workplace and family intrigues added texture and entertainment to what would otherwise have been a bland Mills and Boon-style romance.

The writing is smooth and competent, although I did notice a few places where better proofreading would have been an asset.

The one major criticism I do have of the book is the inclusion of several pornographic scenes, which did nothing at all for the plot or the characters and were therefore, to my mind, a fit subject for the editor's blue pencil. If those had been left out, it would have been worth another star from me.

Love Handles is available from AMAZON in paperback, ebook and audible formats, and also from SMASHWORDS.

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