Saturday, 5 December 2015

Book review - The Wedding List, by Autumn Macarthur

The best Christian fiction makes its point without any overt preaching, and The Wedding List fulfills this requirement admirably. Entertaining throughout, and at times utterly hilarious, it romps through the bumbling courtship of its protagonists with high spirits and verve, beautifully illustrating the fact that Christians don't have to be all solemn and dowdy all the time.

The basic text, as I took it to be, was 'judge not, lest ye be also judged', and the points were well illustrated by the story, but those readers not wishing for a Christian message need not fear that they will have anything shoved down their throats.

A fine piece of work, whether viewed as romance, as Christian fiction or even purely as entertainment. 

The Wedding List is available at AMAZON in both kindle and paperback formats. While you're there, you can preorder my own romance novella, Operation Tomcat, which releases on 11 December.

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