Monday, 7 December 2015

Book review - Doreen:3, by Leonardo Acebo

Who could ever have imagined in the first two books of the Doreen trilogy that the eponymous poster-child for adult delinquency would ever settle down? In true Doreen style, the book opens with her being black-balled from her club for rooting a maintenance worker in the lavatory.

Throughout the book, the hapless Doreen lurches from crisis to crisis, never really meaning any harm but almost completely devoid of even a gesture towards self-control. Only her inherited money and uber-smart daughter Betsy (who really needs to have her own series) save her from destruction.

Despite the title character's deep inner sluttishness, we see over the course of this final work a growing impulse to strive for something finer and better, and increasingly, the character grows towards - not a lady, never that, except perhaps in the sense that a mehitabel might think of it - but a degree of graciousness that, following the promptings of her parentified progeny, allows her to behave well and graciously to her friends and to her one-time rival. This gradual development of Doreen's character is handled well and believably, and the book brings the series to a conclusion that, although in some ways surprising, is deeply satisfying.

From the book's conclusion I predict that this will be the last book in the Doreen series, yet I could be wrong, and I certainly do hope to see more from this talented writer, whomever he chooses to chronicle.  

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