Saturday, 31 January 2015

Book Review - 'Tis The Season, by Terri Main

Another very nicely structured and thought-out mystery, Tis The Season continues the Dark Side of the Moon series with all the things we have come to expect - a really clever mystery which the reader has no hope whatever of solving, a nice, middle-aged couple of detectives who are really believable, sympathetic, ordinary characters - no superpowers, no running in high heels.

I like these books a lot, and I'm continually frustrated when reviewing them, because I'd like to give them four stars, but with the poor editing, plain bad grammar and carelessness about facts, I just can't do it. The instant work, as well as Main's trademark intransitive 'lay', also has a staggering error in the words used by Catholics going to confession, something that hasn't varied for decades if not longer and would have been so very easy to check. With more attention to detail and quality issues, these books could pull down a reliable four stars from me every time.

'Tis The Season is available from AMAZON.

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