Sunday, 18 January 2015

Book review: Forecast: Murder, by Terri Main

Like its predecessor, Dark Side of the Moon, this is an entertaining and well-constructed detective mystery. I could not fault the construction of the plot and it was an intriguing and satisfying read from that point of view. If Main has a weakness it is dialogue - I thought the dialogue often stilted and unnatural, and despite the very different backgrounds of the two main characters it was often difficult to know who was speaking.

Where the book falls down, though, is in the quality control area. There is much poor grammar, including the appallingly cringe-making intransitive 'lay', and even spelling errors. I found this particularly irritating in the mouth of a character who often remarks about her own perfect grammar.

Main has a real talent, and I thought it a great pity this book did not receive the care and attention that it deserved.

Forecast: Murder is available from AMAZON.

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