Friday, 23 January 2015

Book Review - Discovering the Teachings of Christ, by Terri Main

The contents of this wonderful book are treasure. Main presents and explains the main teachings of Christ with wit and scholarship. Each section has a group discussion guide, making the book a great resource for Christian study groups.

There's no arcane theology or subtle twists of logic to confound a young reader here. A particular gift of Main's is the ability to express quite complex thoughts in a way that's simple and easy to follow. The book is a fantastic resource for any Christian, whether new or established.

Where the book fell down, sadly, was in the formatting and presentation. I was horrified to realise that the section on the Beatitudes had been edited using Track Changes, and the changes had not been accepted before the book was uploaded for publication. This section is therefore very, very hard to read, and had a faint flavour of the multiple-choice 'letter home' that Geoffrey Williams made so famous - rather unfortunate, considering the subject matter.

Discovering the Teachings of Christ is available from AMAZON

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