Monday, 12 January 2015

Book Review - The Apostle Paul: Up Close and Personal, by Terri Main

This little book reminds me of the old-fashioned 'pocket books', as I used to call them - those tiny editions that one could slip into handbag or pocket and dip into as one went about one's day. Each section is short and simple and deals with one specific aspect of Paul's ministry. It could be used either as suggested, to drive a group bible study/discussion group, or for solitary devotional reading.

I am no biblical scholar, but the doctrine seemed sound to me. I did think, though, that the mention in one of the sets of suggested discussion questions of 'how we can live as Americans' was inappropriate, introducing as it did a political element into the faith content. I found that ironic in light of the author's very correct insistence that other things cannot be mixed in with Christianity.

The Apostle Paul: Up Close and Personal is available from AMAZON.

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