Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Book review - Murder on the Martian Princess, by Terri Main

Murder on the Martian Priness contains all the usual quality issues that make me cringe - misplaced apostrophes, failure to use past perfect tense where required and the egregious intransitive 'lay'. In addition, it seems not to have been spellchecked and there were several strange factual errors. The liver in the lower abdomen? Really? And who misquotes Pinafore, for heaven's sake?

Despite all this, if you can see past it, it's a fun, intriguing murder mystery. This is the latest offering in the Dark Side of the Moon series, and I've kept reading them despite the issues I mention above, because they really are good detective stories, not an easy thing to write, and very clever. Not once have I successfully guessed the villain in one of these books, and the instant work is no exception.

Murder on the Martian Princess is available from AMAZON.

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