Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review - Sex, Lies and Corned Beef Pies! by Georgie Ramsey

It is not often that I discover a writer who does the kind of writing that I do myself. There's Tom Sharpe, there's Terry Pratchett, there was Kingsley Amis, but on the whole the comic novel is a rare animal. So it was with great, great pleasure that I turned, with increasing speed, the opening pages of Sex, Lies and Corned Beef Pies!

The bumbling protagonist, her seriously disturbed neighbours, a sweet old man and a lovable curmudgeon of a cat, all entwined in a tale of love, betrayal, self-discovery and cooking, combine to make this a novel that anyone whose sense of humour hasn't been surgically removed is bound to love. I read it in a single day and could hardly put it down.

Sex, Lies and Corned Beef Pies is due to release on 14 February.

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