Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Guest post - Michelle Horst, author of the Tainted Ink series.

My guest today is Michelle Horst, talented author of Wake Me Up, the first book in the Talented Ink series. She joins me here today to introduce her books.

Twenty-two-year old Emma runs from a devastating life. Wanting to escape her demons with the help of her crazy friend Chloe, she travels halfway across the world. Alone, Emma must make a fresh start in the small town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sharing an apartment, she finds herself face to face with Aiden, the sexy man she basically threw herself at the previous night – a couple of times.
Common sense tells her to pack and run, but he won’t have any of that. Aiden gives her a glimpse of what love really is like, but just as she starts to trust him, the past comes back to tear them apart. Will Aiden cross an ocean for Emma?

WAKE ME UP is the first book of five in The Tainted Ink Series. There are a lot of funny moments captured on the pages, but overall the book deals with Emma’s mother, who very well could be Hitler reincarnated. The book deals with cultural differences between Aiden and Emma, but most of all, it deals with how Aiden won’t give up on Emma. Emma has never known what love is; to her, love is to destroy, to hurt.

Aiden and Emma’s story is only the beginning, and I know you want more. The good news is there is so much more to come.

YOU’RE THE ONE will take you back in time to Lyman, South Carolina. You’re going to meet Aiden and Wyatt’s cousin Cole, and their friends. Book 2 is Cole and Lily’s story. It’s much darker than Wake Me Up, but you’ll get all the ins and outs on the folks of Lyman, and who loves whom

Here’s a little teaser from YOU'RE THE ONE!

Being in the Marines, they train you how to fight wars, any kind. I just wish I knew how to fight this damn thing between Lily and me.
It’s the one thing bound to kill me.
Forget anything you’ve been told about love. I thought I knew what love was.
Wanting a girl so much, I’ve been dreaming about her for ten years now.
Just when I thought I had her, she showed me what love was. It’s a kick in the junk. It’s ripping your guts out.
It’s those goddamned words – it’s me not you.
I wish she’d say something, cause fuck, I’m giving up on her. I would have done anything for her, followed her anywhere. 
She’s the one, but I need to say goodbye. There’s only so much rejection a man can handle.
I read the words one more time.
You’re the one. I would’ve followed you into your hell if only you had let me.
I’m sorry, Lily. I’m sorry that I can’t fight harder for us. I’m sorry that I can’t fight your monsters for you.
I can’t do this anymore.
I’ll always be with you in the dark,
My hand is shaking so much, I almost miss the send button, but I press it before I change my mind. It has to be done.
It’s over.

With a little luck You’re The One should be released May 2014.

Now for a little swoon-worthy news. I’m sure you’d all like to know who the inspiration was behind Aiden. Well, not to keep you waiting – Stavros Alexandrou. My cousin was kind enough to whet your appetites with a few photos that led to the scene of Emma drooling over Aiden, just before the first fight. Here is one of those photos; the rest are up on my website. Drool away, ladies!


Thank you so very much for all the support! I appreciate every review. Your feedback is priceless to me.

Sunshine Smiles from my side of the world,
Michelle ;)

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Wake-Me-Love-Knows-Boundaries-ebook/dp/B00GDOP3NQ

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