Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review - Seized, by Lynne Cantwell

This book is just one of the finest pieces of contemporary fantasy I've read. A stunningly original concept, executed with flair and daring. The writing is smooth and polished and, although Ms Cantwell is not a lawyer, you would never know it from her well-informed portrayal of good, bad and ugly lawyers.

I shan't say anything about the wildly original concept here, as it may spoil the book's beginning for a new reader, but prepare to be astonished and delighted - unless you're such a fundamentalist that everything to do with religion must be taken Very Very Seriously At All Times, in which case you probably don't enjoy anything else either.

Impeccable presentation and the beautiful cover art combine to set this little jewel in an appropriately fine setting. All in all, reading Seized was a wonderful adventure, and it is with much pleasure that I look forward to further books in the series, of which there are four.

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