Friday, 14 February 2014

Review - Fissured, by Lynne Cantwell

Sequelae are often disappointing, but not so with Fissured. I enjoyed it every bit as much as Seized. From the first page to the last there is not a dull moment as Naomi and her team battle an environmentally destructive corporation - and win. The action is fast-paced and sweeps one along, and I burnt my breakfast because of it. This is not the book to read 'one more page' of when toast is in progress.

The love story between Naomi and Joseph continues to develop, and the small amout of sex is handled with taste and discretion. I can't stand porn in books, and there was nothing at all here to make me put my ears back, or quickly turn pages to get past it.

Cantwell's deft touch with language is a continuing delight, and the recap of the first book, provided at the beginning, was concise and complete, and puts a reader new to the series right in the picture. Some people feel that backstory should always be incorporated in a book's narrative, but I disagree. When it's done as well as it is done here, the introductory recap is a very satisfactory technique, and avoids the slowing down of the initial chapters that trying to do it the other way often brings about.

Just as a novel should, the book is quite capable of standing on its own, with a well-finished conclusion. This is a special pet hate of mine in a lot of modern series, so I was very pleased to see that this writer, at least, has avoided the temptation to stop abruptly with everything unresolved. All in all, a wonderful read.

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