Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Y is for Yes - Tabitha goes Compliant

Y is for Yes, and today's the day I will be attempting to accede to any and all requests that anyone makes of me. It's a dangerous thing to say, I know; still, it is only one day, and I make the statement with reservations about anything that goes to morality or the law.

Even as I start this entry, I have a message from writer friend, Susan Day. Susan has finished a new book in the Astro's Adventures series.

This will be a pure pleasure, and I quickly download the book and write back to tell her so. If you haven't read any of the Astro books, you should: they are screamingly funny, the more so if you personally know any of the characters, who are all real dogs. In fact, my own Emily was a guest star in the last one, Astro's Indian Odyssey, and Susan captured her personality to a 'T'. You can find that one HERE, and the new one I've just received HERE.

As usual when I have several things to accomplish in a day, I start by making a list.

1. Read and review The Lucky Leprechaun
2. Do the next day in the Bad Redhead Marketing Challenge (I'd already been asked for this review).

I check my email, but there is no one else asking me to do anything. Tant mieux. Today is going to be a fun day. I start Susan's book right away; they are not long books, so I can probably do both things today, and anyway, she's a personal friend. I have no worries about a conflict of interest with the review; Susan can write, and in fact I was an admirer of her work before I knew her.

I load the book onto my Kindle, as my old Kobo is now on its last legs and very clunky to use and difficult to recharge. I'm phasing it out, as it is near death. The next several hours pass very pleasantly. I take my time reading the book, as I really enjoy this series, and in between chapters I get some housework done and take Emily for a long walk on this beautiful day.

A wonderful time chasing her ball in the park
It doesn't take me long to write my review - you can see it HERE - and I'm on to the second task of the day - the marketing challenge. Oh, help! It's about social media management. A dark and perilous estate where I have never dared to tread. But, the day's content is not so scary. Rachel gives us a rundown on the various tools, and the assignment is just to choose ONE of them and create an account. I can do this!

I create a Hootsuite account and construct a rather basic advertisement for Dance of Chaos - I suck at this, but I do my best:

I send this, with some text and an Amazon link - at least, I hope this is what I've done - to Twitter. And would you believe it - when I log into Twitter, there it is!

And with that, I think I can let myself off for the rest of the day.

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