Sunday, 25 September 2016

V is for Venom, and Verbing

V is for Venom, which means Venom Ponds, so my first task of the morning is to make the final payment of the money I owe the builder for my house. That is easily done.

My house. From here, you cannot see anything is wrong.
Now, to work! Today we are going to do some MARKETING. I know that sounds both scary and repulsive. But I've received a review copy of a book - the Bad Redhead Media 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge. It seemed to me the ideal way - perhaps the only fair way - to review a practical text like this is by taking the challenge, so that's what I am doing. It will take 30 days of course, so I won't have my final review up by the release date, sorry Rachel, but I think you will get a better review this way, with concrete and measurable results. The metrics I've chosen are book sales and followers on Twitter and Facebook; those things are easy to measure.

I started this challenge yesterday. Today's task is to do something called 'verbing the bio'. I can feel my hackles go up at what I feel is an unwarranted mangling of our language, but I firmly remind myself that marketing people are different.

I log into Twitter. My bio as it now stands is as follows:

I live to make you laugh.   

I set this up yesterday, in Day One of the challenge, and clearly it hasn't worked all that well for me, as the number of my followers has dropped from 38 to 37. I 'verb' it. Now it goes:

My books will make you laugh, even on a bad day.   

The other task is to pin a tweet to my profile, and I accomplish that with ease, even going so far as to make a new tweet for the purpose. This is necessary because deep down I don't see the point of twitter, and almost never go there or tweet anything. But I am doing the challenge and I will do it properly, to give Rachel the best possible chance at being right.

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