Saturday, 24 September 2016

U is for Unpaid, and Unavailable

U is for Unpaid, and to me that means unpaid bills, so I start this beautiful Saturday morning by making another payment to the gentleman who is fixing up my old house. I have a daily limit imposed on my account, God knows why, so I must nibble away his bill two thousand at a time. 

I had had a go at painting inside this house myself, but despite having a hard plasterer to fix the plaster, it all peeled off after the big rains. Thank God I had only done one room. Turns out the house has NO DAMP COURSE. Now Mr Nichol and his merry band have been putting one in, preparatory to mending all the damaged bricks and plaster, etc. It is a long term job.

As it's always a bit of a thing finding tradies who are any good, I feel I should give Gary a bit of a plug here. If you are in the Goldfields area and want plastering or any kind of associated thing done, he is your man. Partly because he's one of the old style tradesmen with a deep love of his craft, partly because he's a wonderfully good-humoured, easy-going chap, but most of all because as I've got to know him, I have discovered a foundation of rock-solid integrity. The business is called GE Property Maintenance, and they're based in Clunes.

This weekend is the Tango Festival, and Robert and I have booked ourselves into a lot of workshops, so there will be not much work done today or tomorrow. So U will also be for Unavailable.

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