Friday, 23 September 2016

T is for That, and also for Trailer

Time for another word on grammar, and today's target is the very common misuse of 'that' instead of 'who'. I use Black Beauty, Ginger and Merrylegs for this one. I had started a dialogue using Katy and Clover from What Katy Did, but I have decided to abandon it - the characters are so impossibly bland that I don't think even I can make them funny.

There isn't very much to say about 'that' and 'who', but I manage a dialogue that I think is entertaining and in character.

Now to a more interesting task. T is also for Trailer, and I have today received an email from my friend Sue, the one who is so kindly making a book trailer for King's Ransom. She has a draft copy of it for me to look at. And it's lovely! I email back.

See, this is what I was talking about the other day. Writers are not rivals. It isn't like two dressmakers who compete for a limited amount of client-spend. We are each other's cheer squad, we help one another, review one another's books, and when necessary we call each other on our bullshit. I am very lucky to have a writer friend right in my (very small) home town. 

While that awaits a response, I'll continue working. I have my client's book back, so that's the job for today, but first I check to see if there are any more lessons in the writing course. World-building, which is the reason I'm doing this course, was briefly touched on in one lesson this week, but there was not a lot of detail. I am hoping this means we will soon get to the part of the course that deals with world building in detail.

There is nothing, though, and I didn't really expect anything, as we have had our lot for this week. So, to work! Client has made a couple of minor changes, but it is just a few words and phrases, so I accept all the changes and settle in for a final read through before I send it off to Paradox for formatting and production.

A word about Paradox, since it's come up. This business provides formatting and cover design, and I get all my own covers done by them. Patti Roberts, the proprietor, is one of the easiest people I know to work with. She's endlessly flexible, talented, and FAST! And the cost is very reasonable. Presentation can make all the difference to your finished book, so unless you're gifted at it, it's very unwise to do your own covers. You can find Paradox Book Covers HERE.

I finish the client's work about three, and spend the rest of the day taking Emily for a walk and watching a little mindless television. And then, my trailer comes! Here it is: 

Thank you, Susan Day! And yes, I almost forgot. You can find Susan's wonderful children's series, Astro's Adventures, HERE. Not only children will enjoy these wonderful books. Anyone with a sense of humour is bound to love them. They're funny and lovely. Of particular note is Astro's Indian Odyssey. This book features my own Emily as a guest character. Yes, they're all real dogs, all the characters. It's beautifully done, and she's captured Emily's character to a T. 

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  1. Thank you, Tabitha. I really enjoyed this post and it was such a pleasure to work with you in the creation of the video for King's Ransom. I learnt a long time ago that while it takes months, if not years, to write a great book, it may only take a good reader days to read it so it's good idea to share and support each other. It's such a great joy to share my writing and creative journey with you and, Miss Emily, of course!