Thursday, 16 July 2015

Book review - Sea Kissed, by Nancy Warren

It's light, it's fluffy, it's a very pleasant read. I did think it was a little short on conflict to be really exciting. Boy meets girl, they fancy each other, they shag, they decide to get married.... I think it would have been a better read with a bit more of an antagonist. All the large amount of space devoted to pointless descriptions of sexual activity could have been used to develop the plot in this way.

One thing, though, I really think deserves a mention, and that is Warren's depiction of her working-class Australian hero. Normally I cringe when I encounter an Australian in an American writer's book. But this one is done so well, so very well. We were not told the man's nationality, but it was immediately apparent within a few words, and so deftly done! This character was totally believable. You can meet men just like him in any working-class suburb in Australia. I was so impressed by this, as I do not think I have ever seen an Australian character depicted so well by an American writer. One would think Ms Warren a native of our country. Well done indeed, a fine piece of work.

Sea Kissed is part of the Crane series of novellas, and can be found on AMAZON.

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