Sunday, 19 July 2015

Book review: The One Grapes, by Joseph Picard

This incredibly witty and fun book was created out of drawings done by the author, who having to spend two painful and distressing months in hospital, amused himself by working up funny pictures based on the hospital food.

Just this courageous and gallant response to horribly bad times deserves the full five stars. How many people greet adversity with this kind of cheerful, generous attitude? And then, being a writer, he made a book out of it.

Those who've encountered Mr Picard's other work won't be surprised that it's a great piece of work. But the sheer funniness of it. The drawings are very, very clever and well executed. And these have not been produced on a drawing board with fine artist's materials in a studio, but hurriedly sketched on bits of paper while lying in bed and photographed with a mobile phone, quickly before the lady came to take away the tray.

I am in awe, both at the attitude to life which brought this creation out of adversity, with not a hint of whining or complaint, and at the talent which enabled it to happen. This book is a must for anyone going to hospital.

The One Grapes is available from AMAZON in both paperback and kindle format.

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