Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Book review - Callie, by Sharon Srock

This charming story follows the fortunes of a teenaged single mother as she struggles to bring up her baby and small sister. Meanwhile, a widowed father searches desperately for his lost daughters and an elderly woman fights emotional trauma.

The characters are sympathetic and engaging, the writing smooth, and altogether it is a charming and delightful read.

My one criticism was that I felt the action in the second half of the book was a little rushed. It would all, I thought, have been more believable if the events had stretched over a year or so, or even six months. This rushing of emotional resolutions is something I often encounter in Christian fiction, and it is possible that it arises in part from the nature of the genre; certainly a speedy resolution is a powerful illustration of God working in people's lives, and yet I did feel the story would have worked better overall with the action more drawn out.

Overall, though, a fine piece of work which I enjoyed very much.

Callie is available from AMAZON and SMASHWORDS.

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