Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New Book Announcement - Summer Dreams, edited by Alan Seeger

This anthology of short fiction has something for everyone. What's my interest in it, you ask? I'm one of the participating authors, along with Alan Seeger, Shawn Inmon, Carla Sarrett, Lynne Cantwell, Deborah Carney, Alesha Carey, Chris James, M.M. Roethig, Catherine Vickers, Ashton-Kate Wilson and Diana Xarissa.

My  own story, Nigel's Holiday, represents my first venture into the Gothic genre, and if you want to read it you will have to buy this anthology, for it is not published anywhere else. If that were not sufficient inducement, Shawn Inmon has written one of the most beautiful and moving stories about a dog that I've ever read. I sat down and cried buckets after reading it. Yes, this hard-bitten old bitch was howling into the Kleenex like there was no tomorrow. Believe it.

The book is a non-profit venture, with all proceeds being donated to children's literacy projects. At $1.00 for the e-book you just can't go wrong, although I've sprung for the paperback myself. They make great gifts.

You can get it HERE.

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