Thursday, 12 June 2014

Book review - Bloggybook complete 2013, by Marc Corn

Bloggybook Complete 2013 is a compendium of one whole year's blog posts by a young man battling pain and medical problems.

Who is not (openly or secretly) intrigued by the opportunity to look right inside someone else's life? Certainly not me - there may be folk not nosy enough to want to read this kind of thing, but I've never personally met one, and if I have they were lying.

Marc Corn, with his trademark generosity, welcomes the reader inside his personal world and shares the ups and downs of his daily life, his struggles with pain and illness, his hopes and dreams, and all the little successes and pratfalls of everyday life. I found it utterly charming and virtually unputdownable. By the time I was half way through it, I felt that I knew Marc really well, and not only liked him a lot but had a good deal of respect for him.

Marc greets the vicissitudes of his life with gentle humour, with warmth, kindness and sly wit, which is sometimes sharp but never unkind. His love of children, his determination to succeed as a writer, and above all his courage and tenacious cheerfulness make the book a delight.

There are some spelling and grammar errors, but these don't detract from the reader's experience in a work of this kind; the writing is spontaneous and from the heart, and I thoroughly enjoyed Bloggybook and will definitely be looking for more.

Available from AMAZON.

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