Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Book review - Undertow, by Lynne Cantwell

I've always had a soft spot for the concept of the Unity of Religion, the notion that all religions are true and that only our human limitations prevent us from seeing it. So this wonderful series, of which Undertow is the fifth book, really strikes a chord for me.

Beautifully written and presented, with believable, all-too-human characters and pleasingly slimy corporate villains, the series presents to us a world in which all of the gods have come back to intervene in human affairs - Gaia, Jesus, Thor, Wotan, Diana, the whole shebang. This difficult subject has been tackled with fearless audacity - not many writers would dare to use Jesus Christ as a minor character - and is brought off with aplomb.

In this volume, we see the newly improved god-laden world threatened by reactionary terrorists, and given the way America has behaved in recent years it is all too believable. A thoroughly exciting and satisfying read, either as a standalone novel or as an instalment in a truly wonderful series.

Available at AMAZONand SMASHWORDS.

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