Thursday, 26 June 2014


Look at this amazingly beautiful cat. Her name is Cola.

Now look at the sad expression on Cola's pretty face.

Cola and her mother, Coke, had the misfortune to live with a young human woman. Yes, many young humans are good for cats to live with. This one wasn't. Cola and Coke were not properly fed, or wormed, or their pretty long fur brushed. They were in a sorry state. Infested with worms, matted, dull-eyed and unhealthy with poor nutrition. But they did have a safe home. Until their human mother decided to leave their country home and travel to the Big Smoke.

When she decided to leave her country home and come to Melbourne, she left Cola and Coke with her parents. Now we've all left people or things we cared about with our parents. Good heavens, grandparent babysitting is the oldest and most trustworthy institution humanity has. Who hasn't trusted their mum or dad with someone or something precious? It should have been alright, shouldn't it? I mean, you can trust your parents, can't you?

Can't you?

The first thing this unfortunate young person's parents did was to bundle Cola and Coke into their car and head to their local pound, where they 'surrendered' (dumped) them. They did not know about Ingrid's Haven, and believed the cats would be killed straight away. Oh, but hey, it was no trouble, right?

We don't know if their daughter knew, or cared, or not. Whether she knew that Cola and Coke cried all night, not understanding why their familiar life had gone. Why they were suddenly among strangers. Why their human mother had abandoned them.

But they reckoned without Ingrid's Haven.

Ingrid's Haven is a no-kill shelter for cats. Cats are received from the local pound after they have been surrendered. And so, cold and shivering, infested with worms, crying, filthy, matted and half-starved, Cola and Coke made it at last to the Haven.

It's not perfect. Cola and Coke are two among many at the Haven. Their physical needs are met, but they'd really like a forever home with their own humans. Real humans this time, who won't suddenly dump them. Preferably together, but not necessarily.You could be that human. 'Second chance' cats are wonderful. They have a depth of need for you, and an appreciation of you, that a kitten who's grown up always living a happy, privileged life can't know.

Cola and Coke don't have any particular issues. They've just got a lot of love to share with the right person. Could you be that lucky person? I wonder. Only the truly serious need apply. Cola and Coke have been through enough, don't you think?

Perhaps you don't have a vacancy in your life for a cat. But you can still help. Your donations are needed. Winter is coming, in fact Winter is already here. Cats need heating and extra food. The cold weather takes its toll. They need blankets, heat pads, electric blankets (yes, the cats are cared for at Ingrid's Haven to that extent!) and money to pay the extra electricity bills.

Perhaps you're not very well off and can't afford a cash donation? Consider donating your old blankets, or worn-out sweaters. Warm bedding is always useful when there are so many cats to be kept warm.  Worn-out sweaters are great; cats love wool. Blankets of any size. That old cot bedding that your youngest child no longer uses.

Ingrid's Haven is located a short distance north of Melbourne. The Haven is open for adoptions every Saturday, or by appointment. Call 0417 360 700.

Check out their WEBSITE

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