Thursday, 6 June 2013

Interview with Patti Roberts - On Writing Episodic Fiction, and the Witchwood Estate series - part II

TC: Indeed! And is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers today? Anything perhaps about your coming episode, or anything at all?

Patti Roberts: Just that I am so thrilled with this new series! An author friend of mine (Patricia Puddle) asked me today - "Do you ever take a day off for fun?" my answer was ... "Writing is fun. And taking a day off from it is not." I may not write every day, but my mind is constantly ticking over with new ideas, new twists, new plots, characters ... cliffhangers - now that is FUN! I love brainstorming with Leslie Hansford - we have spent hours doing that. FUN! Book 3 has a few new twists. A death ... and another new main Character introduced to sweep our leading ladies off their feet ...
Oh, and I can't finish without mentioning my wonderful team that help me make each episode of Witchwood Estate a reality:
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith - Proofreading & Editing, Leslie Hansford – Proofreading, Plot and Storyline Assistant, Chris Taylor (The Pagan Wildwood) – Poems, and Kathleen Evans (RavensWing), Advisory Witch.

Well, there you have it, readers - could episodic fiction be the next big thing to hit the publishing world? It certainly worked for Mr Dickens. Send your thoughts on this to me at
And if you have an opinion on who should play Alexandria in the television series of Witchwood Estate, send your nomination to Ms Roberts at One lucky reader will win free e-copies of episodes 1 and 2 of Witchwood Estate.


And finally, here is the author's dream cast.

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