Sunday, 2 June 2013

FACING THE DAY 101 - For when you just can’t.


OK. You're majorly depressed. You cannot face the day or your life. You have been staring at the ceiling for 2 hours without mustering the ability to leave your bed unless bladder pressure got you to the bathroom.

I want you to do one thing. Just one. Get up and make your bed.

Do not take this as a sign to yourself that you have to stay up. Once your bed is made, you can get right back in and stay there all day if you still want to. I will not say anything.

Making your bed is a little gift to yourself. You are making that bed a haven, pleasant and comfortable to get into whenever you do decide to. Whether it is in 5 minutes or 16 hours. Remember - it is your bed and you can get in it any time you want.

Smooth out the bottom sheet and arrange the pillows nicely. Tuck in the blankets if you have them, or just lay out the doona. Whatever it takes. If you are really at rock bottom and there are no sheets on the bed, go and get some and put them on.

There, you have done it. Take a moment to admire your work. DO NOT look around at your messy room. We are focussing on the bed here. It is really nice and it is all for you because you deserve it.

Right, now you can get back in bed if you still want to. But perhaps you feel you might be able to manage a small step forward? If so, read on.


We are heading for the bathroom. Brush your teeth and get under the shower. This is not the time to save water. Be generous with the hot water and let it relieve your kinked shoulders and aching back. Wash your hair if it needs it. It probably does. When you get out, don't just dry off and leave it there. Get yourself up as if you were going out or to work. Use your gel, mousse, blow dryer, whatever you use to make yourself look nice. Put on makeup if you wear it. Use your moisturiser. Shave if you're a guy. Spray on scent if you have it.

Don't you feel better?

Don't stop here, go back to your room and get dressed. Really dressed, in clean stuff from your closet, not trackies from the floor or under your bed. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine, but they should be clean ones, and you must wear your shoes. Don't be afraid to wear your shoes, you can take them off just as easily as you put them on. Get out a clean handkerchief if you use them.

Now take a look at yourself in a mirror. A full-length one if you have one.
Smile. Come on you can paste one on your face. Notice how nice you look. Remember you are not looking and comparing yourself to someone you saw in some dodgy fashion magazine. You are comparing yourself to what you saw when you first walked in the bathroom (if you even let yourself look :)) Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of your looks. How dare they even have an opinion?

You will notice two things. One is that you are way, way better looking than you thought you were. The second thing is that you are a lot more capable than you thought half an hour ago.

There; you have done really well. Now, if you still want to, you can go back to bed.

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