Sunday, 9 June 2013

Book Review - A Princess of Fae, by Bob Craton

This short novel appears to be an attempt to follow in the footsteps of Terry Pratchett. Although it is reasonably entertaining, the writer lacks Pratchett's formidable experience in his craft, and dare I say, also his commitment to quality. Of course, a writer published by a major mainstream publishing house has access to editing free of charge, something for which an independent author must make his own arrangements, but regardless of the cost of having one's work professionally edited, one cannot but feel that it is money well spent.

Specifically, the work lacked focus and structure, and there was virtually no character development; the characters are flat, like comic book figures. The references to other fantasy worlds were entertaining, but rather repetitive, and it all began rather to pall after a few chapters. I felt this book would have done better as a short story.

This said, there is certainly something there, and it would be worth persevering with; basically, though, I don't think the work was ready for publication.

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