Thursday, 19 November 2015

Book review - The Irrational War, by Ray Anselmo

Following on from the events in The Slave Auction, The Irrational War depicts, as may be expected from the title, a war waged against the Scotia community.

The book is structured very differently from its predecessor, with the single problem stated right at the beginning of the book, which gave it a unity that perhaps the first book did not have; on the other hand, I enjoyed the slow build and stripping away of layers that characterised The Slave Auction, and found this, more simply structured, book less compelling.

It's a good read, though, and embodies the very best of Christian fiction, in the way that right principles are shown, are demonstrated, and never, ever is there any preaching. Would that more writers could master this more difficult, but so much more satisfying and effective technique of storytelling.

The characters are sympathetic and the plot well constructed, and the whole is beautifully resolved at the end. A very satisfying read.

The Irrational War is available from AMAZON, both singly and in a paired deal with The Slave Auction. While you're there, you can also preorder my own new romantic comedy, Operation Tomcat.

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